Vendor Information

Upcoming Market Dates

see our our for the most current market dates and to apply

Space is limited and we take a limited number of vendors.

Apply early as we tend to fill fast. 

Vendor Policy and FAQ

Vendor FAQ

I want to be a vendor. How can I apply?

Applications will close once we are full and all vendors have confirmed. However, if you apply after the cut off date you will be added to the waitlist. 

I don't need a chair, I have my own set up

Check off the appropriate box in the vendor form and we will contact you with set up questions if you request anything other than 6' table with 2 chairs or 6' space with no table. 

Can I table share?

Nope, one vendor per table please to a maximum of 2 people per table or space. 

Can I bring friends?

Encourage your friends to come by, bring you coffee or food and see all the awesome things; but one vendor per table please to a maximum of 2 people per table or space. 

What is not allowed?

Please see the entire list in the the Vendor Policy above. Contact us at if you have questions.

I Can't make it to vend but I already paid. What can I do?

Once you have paid your fee you agree to vend for the specific time and date. You cannot sell your space or sub let it to anyone else. Failure to show up 30 minutes prior to the market start forfeits your fee and table to another vendor. If you are going to be late please contact us. 

Can I bring other items to sell?

Please only sell what you have signed up for. We like to have a variety at our market and we do not want to have all of one type. Variety draws in people. Be you, be unique. 

How big are the tables and spaces?

The tables provided are 6' by 2-1/2' plastic grey tables. if you bring your own please do not bring anything bigger than that. If you requested a space then your space is 6' wide by about 5' deep. Please do not set up anything extra in the isles as this creates a tripping hazard. All extra material must be stored under you table. 

Can I sell food, beverage or food products?

We have a commercial kitchen at our venue. So we do allow certified companies to set up and sell their products on location. But note, all food, beverage and consumable goods vendors must display their applicable licenses, permits and certifications by Alberta Health Services  (prepared food permits required). You can only sell food items if you have the proper permits and all items were made in a commercial kitchen. you will also be required to display these permits. Failure to do so will have you removed from the market and banned. Proof of permit must be provided to the cauldron market 24 hours prior to market start. 

As of June 1, 2020 the Food Regulation allows Albertans to make low-risk foods in their home kitchen for sale to the public, subject to certain restrictions and safe food handling. They must follow the guidelines set here and here

Can I sell  products that contain CBC and THC?

NO, those are regulated substances and must be sold through AGLC, More info here.

Can I sell craft distillery products?

Yes, we have the appropriate permits and approval from AGLC  and you as that type of vendor must have the proper permits from them as well. More info here.

Where do I park?

Please park in one of the nearby lots or there is free parking (with a bit of a walk). The front of the building is for unloading of material/equipment only. Vendors are responsible for the parking and care of their own transportation. Please make yourself familiar with the local bylaws. For more information please see the City of Edmonton website here.

I want to be a vendor?

Thank you for your interest! We are a busy and small market, so please sign up for the email list and turn on post notifications on our Instagram account to be notified when applications open. They open for a brief window or until they reach capacity.